Quality Assurance

In order to maintain the essential characteristics of Majorcan sobrasada, the Regulatory Board monitors compliance with its production, manufacturing, curing and labelling requirements.
The Regulatory Board renews producer membership on an annual basis. Each of the registered producers must pass a quality control scheme to qualify for renewed membership. The producers must then be able to prove that they meet the necessary requirements and standards to make Majorcan sobrasada.

The producers’ facilities are periodically inspected and the Majorcan sobrasada they make is subject to stringent physical, chemical and sensory analyses in order to guarantee its extraordinary qualities.

Since 1999 the Majorcan Sobrasada Regulatory Board has its own team of tasting experts, managed by a Tasting Director and formed by experienced professionals with deep knowledge of Majorcan sobrasada.

The tasting experts assess the samples of Majorcan sobrasada and black pig Majorcan sobrasada collected by the inspection team, using a standardised tasting form, and they decide whether the product should bear the label of the Regulatory Board.

The Regulatory Board is a body which looks after the quality of the product.

In early 1996 the European Union registered Majorcan sobrasada as a product of Protected Geographical Indication, extending its originally Spain-wide protected status to the whole of the EU countries.