Nutrition Information

Healthy eating.

Majorcan sobrasada is not only delicious on the palate, but it is also a highly nutritious source of energy.

Being made exclusively from pork meat, the amount of lipids in Majorcan sobrasada is proportional to the amount of fat in the species. Among the different lipids found, oleic (monounsaturated) acid is the most common, followed by linoleic (polyunsaturated) acid. Compared to the fat in other animals, pork has a greater amount of unsaturated fatty acids, whose beneficial effects on human health are nowadays unquestionable.

Its aminoacid content accounts for a highly-biological protein intake, as it would be expected from any other meat product.

The basic ingredient that gives Majorcan sobrasada its very own organoleptic characteristics is paprika. Its function is not only to enhance the taste and quality of the product, but it also acts as an antioxidant, thanks to the presence of components such as carotenoids and xanthophylls. Compared to other food products, the amount of these components – some of which are also precursors of vitamin A – may be regarded as high.

For all the above, sobrasada is suitable for every type of consumer and highly recommendable for growing-up children and for those who carry out a demanding physical activity.

The Regulatory Board is a body which looks after the quality of the product.

In early 1996 the European Union registered Majorcan sobrasada as a product of Protected Geographical Indication, extending its originally Spain-wide protected status to the whole of the EU countries.